© 2015 Drew DeRieux

Recording Artist Drew DeRieux has been working with producer/engineer Wesley Seidman at Ocean Way, now United, for two years condensing down several past projects into newly recorded EPs in the vein of Foo Fighters, Sound Garden with a touch of Alice in Chains and Faith No More. The overall musical idea is to have the iconic sound of 90s rock with a contemporary feel. They've accomplished this by having pop-like vocals/melodies and not being afraid to add synths when needed over Drew's powerful and driving chord changes.

"Stories for your ears to see," was the theme used to choose what songs to use for each EP along with the overall feel. For Drew, the lyrics had to tell a story. While the music developed, the songs ideas grew more grand and while the tone leans a little towards the dark, there is redemption lurking in the choruses.

This album features rock icons Joe Sirois of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on drums and Chris Chaney of Jane's Addiction on bass, who themselves were part of the sound that developed during the 90s. "I was ecstatic when I learned that both of these guys would be playing on my albums," says Drew, "and I was doubly so after we tracked them. Their performances truly elevated this production to a level most people never get to work with. We got a sound that I think is unmatched and I can't wait for the world to hear it."

The first of the EPs "Amongst You" is due out early next year with plans for several tours on both coasts. You will be able to pick up a digital copy from iTunes or at any of the live shows. While the new work will consist of five songs, there are plans for a deluxe version of the album at no extra cost if you purchase it a show. "We have some creative ideas to keep things fresh within social media and the way we can interact with our fans. One thing I'm looking forward to is showing how these songs developed over time with the help and expertise of Wes and I love the idea of giving the original demos out for free at concerts. Hopefully it will inspire people to make their own mixes of the songs."